2007 Seadoo GTI 4-TEC

The Seadoo GTI 4-TEC Model is a recreational jetski that the typical family member would love. The jetski is a nice cruiser which goes about 55 mph and is very sturdy in the water. I have had one for almost a year now and I have been very pleased with it. Maintenance on it is quite simple. Since the jetski has a closed looped cooling system, the salt walter never passes through the engine allowing the life of the jetski to last a lot longer than non-closed looped jetski’s. You don’t have to clean out the jetski after everytime you ride but I still do. I feel like since I have something nice I might as well try to keep it as nice as I can.

I would not classify this jetski as a sporting jetski because of it’s speed and stability. I would classify it as a family jetski. It is great for pulling a tube, water skis, knee board and a wake board. I have been able to ride the jetski, pull somebody on the back of the jetski and have a spotter on the jetski with me all at the same time without any problems. I am so satisfied that I am already looking into buying another jetski of the same type. The only thing about the Seadoo GTI 4-TEC is that the speedometer does not come enabled and you have to buy that separetly. On a scale from one to ten I would give this Seadoo GTI 4-TEC a 9.

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