Can a 2GB Micro SD Card work with a Motorola RAZR?

Yes, a 2GB Micro SD card can work on a Motorola RAZR. I have a Motorola RAZR V3m and I recently bought a Kingston 2GB Micro SD card off of I was worried that the card would not work on my cell phone because my carrier (Ntelos) said that only 1GB Micro SD cards can work on my phone. I already had a 1GB Micro SD card and that has worked fine for me but, since I got the 2GB Micro SD card for so cheap, I figured that I would buy it and test it out. When my 2GB Micro SD card arrived in the mail, I hurried up and took it out of the package, put it in my phone, and WALA, it actually worked. The phone automatically formatted the card itself and I could place pictures, sounds, and video on it without any problems. Even though Ntelos is my service provider, I have read from other websites that other people with the same phone, but with a different carrier, can still get a 2GB Micro SD card to work on their Motorola RAZR.

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