How does a speedometer work on a GTI jet ski?

I have a 2007 Seadoo GTI jetski and the speedometer did not come enabled. You can look at the panel on the jetski and see where the temperature gauge and the speedometer would show up on the screen. If you have one, you may think that something is wrong with your jetski but really there isn’t. I found that there is a package that you have to buy in order to enable both the speedometer and the temperature gauge. You can find this by going to > click on “Gears & Parts” > then click on “Accessories & Riding Gear” > mouse over “Accessories” > click on “Miscellaneous” > click on the arrow until you see, and should click on, “SPEED AND WATER TEMPERATURE SENSOR”!!!

There are a lot of other cool things you can buy from the Seadoo website like a depth finder and GPS. However, the temperature gauge and speedometer is the cheapest costing about $82.49 before shipping and handling.

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