MP3 Armband with Extra Pocket Card Key Holder

There is a new MP3 armband out that is very unique compared to all the other top brand names out there. The name of the armband is called the “I-Sleeve” and it is made by a new company called LimbGear. The I-Sleeve is an mp3 armband that has an extra pocket to hold your keys and/or a couple of cards while you walk, jog, run, exercise or do whatever it is you do with mp3 armbands. The armband comes in three different sizes that ranges from a 10 inch to an 18 inch bicep size. The main feature that I love about the I-Sleeve is that it stays on your arm by velcro instead of the band going through a plastic “square-thing” (sorry I have no idea what it is called) which would typically dig into your arm and hurt you (or can just get annoying). Another cool feature I like about it is that if you don’t want to listen to your music then you can use the armband to hold your cards or keys. It does have two different pockets: one for keys/cards and one for your mp3 player. Now if you get annoyed with the armband being on your arm then you can place it around your ankle while you run. I really like doing this a lot because I dont like things on my arms when I run (at least most of the time). I will take some picture in the next day or two to show you the pictures I take of the I-Sleeve. In the mean time check out which is their official website.

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