Lawn Jenga

Lawn Jenga

Lawn Jenga is a larger version of the classic game called Jenga. The Lawn Jenga contains at least 54 wood blocks. You stack the wood blocks to form a tower by placing the blocks in layers of 3 blocks with each layer being perpendicular to the layer beneath it. The game starts by trying to remove any block from the tower without knocking the tower over. If the player removes the block successfully, that block is placed on top of the tower. The next player then attempts to remove a block from the tower and place it on top without knocking the tower over. And then the next player tries and so on. Once a player knocks over the tower, that player is the loser and everyone else wins the Lawn Jenga game.

The Lawn Jenga comes in different stacking heights. Common stacking heights exceed 3 feet, 4 feet, or 5 feet and above. The larger the stacking height, the bigger the blocks. So a version with a stacking height of 3 feet is going to be smaller and less costly than a version that is 5 feet or above. Some versions has 2 extra blocks that provide added height to the base of the tower.

Some versions of the Lawn Jenga provides additional features and accessories. Some versions has 2 extra blocks that provide added height to the base of the tower. Other versions have words/phrases on each block that dare you to do something or drink something. Some versions even have a beer bottle opener on some of the blocks. Almost all versions have some sort of carrying case. And last but not least, they all have instructions just in case we missed something.

Lawn Jenga DIY – Do it Yourself

If you want to build the Lawn Jenga yourself, The Home Depot has an awesome blog on how to do so. It just requires a bunch of tools and a lot of your time. But below is the link if you want to have some fun. I love their storage bin that also acts as the table for the tower. They used a CNC machine to place a nice Home Depot logo on the side of the storage bin. Pretty sweet if you ask me.

Looking for games similar to the Lawn Jenga? Amazon has a ton of outdoor games and yard games you can choose from. People who typically buy the Lawn Jenga generally buy the following:

  • BucketBall – The ultimate outdoor game that is played like beer pong but on a larger scale and is family friendly.
  • Giant Connect 4 in a Row
  • Spikeball
  • Kan Jam

Below is a bunch of Amazon links to various products as well. We’ve pretty much played them all and we love them all so you can’t go wrong with any of them.


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