Pool Safety Fence

Pool Safety Fence

A Pool Safety Fence is a necessity for pool owners in order to meet local code requirements, keep children and pets away from the pool area and safe, helps keep pool games and game balls within the pool boundaries, and/or for any other means. In this article, we will discuss pool safety fence options, pool safety fence costs, pool safety fence installation, pool safety fence repair, and maybe a few extra topics.

Pool Safety Fence Cost

A complete DIY pool safety fence cost for a 15,000 to 20,000 gallon pool is approximately $1,500 USD.

We recommended purchasing the Pool Safety Fence from Amazon. Amazon offers various kits that come in 4 feet by 12 feet sections. Each 12 foot long section costs about $89 USD. The most expensive part of the Pool Safety Fence is the gate which costs about $295 USD. Almost all of the fence options are available for Amazon Prime which provides you with Free 2 Day Shipping, phenomenal customer service, and the Amazon A-to-Z Guarantee to protect you if anything with your purchase or product were to go wrong.

Pool Safety Fence Installation

The following installation instructions are not official instructions and only outline some of the steps necessary for installation. You must always follow the manufacturer’s installation instructions for proper installation.

Pool Safety Fence installation is fairly simple if you purchase the sectional panels from Amazon. Each section can be installed in existing deck or concrete by drilling a hole into either the deck or concrete and inserting one of the provided pool safety fence sleeves. Each section comes with a post guide. Use the post guide to mark areas around the pool where you plan to install the fence posts. Be sure to leave proper space between your pool and the fence. If the fence is too close to the pool, this prevents be able to escape from the pool in case of an emergency. Also be sure to leave room to include furniture if you decide to do so. Once the post areas are marked, you drill all your holes and install your sleeves. Once the pool safety fence sleeve is installed, you simply insert each post of the fence section in the sleeves and you fence section is installed. Separate sections connect together with the provided latch. Once all sections are connected, the pool installation is complete.

Modifications may be needed for the final section if the required length is less than the 12 foot long section. You will have to remove the screws from each post that is beyond the required length and you will have to reinstall one of the removed posts at the required length. Any excess screen material can be cut off. Make sure you reinstall the latch at the top of the post and connect it to the other section. To remove the latch, you can take pliers and rotate the latch counter-clockwise to remove.

Pool Safety Fence Repair

If you need to repair a pool safety fence, unfortunately, you may need to purchase another entire section for approx. $90 USD. Replacing an entire section is fairly easy. Simply disconnect the section you plan to replace from the remaining sections. Remove the section from the post sleeves. Insert the new section and connect the new section to the existing sections.

Pool Safety Fence DIY

Pool Safety Fence DIY is the same as our installation instructions above. Buy the sections from our recommended Amazon list and install according to the manufacturer instructions. Our instructions above should only be used as a guide.

Pool Safety Fence Cleaning

In order to clean your pool safety fence, simply spray it off with the hose. If that doesn’t clean it to your liking, you can purchase a cleaner.

Pool Games & Accessories

Looking for some awesome pool games and accessories? Amazon has a ton of pool games and accessories you can choose from. People typically buy the following games for their pool:

  • BucketBall – The ultimate outdoor game that is played like beer pong but on a larger scale and is family friendly. Make sure to get the Party Pack. The Party Pack includes the inflatable rack set that allows you to play on water.
  • Spikeball – Buy a Spikeball game set and get the Spikeball Bouy set so it can float on water.
  • Kan Jam Splash – This version is made to play on water!

Below is a bunch of Amazon links to various accessories as well.


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